On Tuesday the 26th of January, Gianclaudio Malgieri has moderated an intense panel (hosted by the famous American privacy NGO “EPIC”), about Algorithmic Impact Assessment. A the panel, introduced by Ben Winters (EPIC), there were two international experts, Dr. Gabriela Fortuna-Zanfir (Future of Privacy Forum, US) and Dr. Heleen Janssen (Cambridge University, UK). The panel was an occasion to discuss relevant novelties in terms of “Algorithmic Impact Assessments”, starting from some recent publications by Kaminski and Malgieri on the topic (on IDPL and on ACM FAT Conference proceedings), but also looking at existing experiences in Canada, Spain, Dutch, United States, at the Council of Europe level and at the EU policy-making level.

The topic has been addressed also the following day in a lively panel at the CPDP 2021, moderated by Prof. Dr. Björn Fasterling and with Prof. Dr. Gianclaudio Malgieri, Prof. Dr. Margot Kaminski (US), Olivier Guillo (FR) and Henrik Junklewitz (European Commission, EU), co-author of a recent interdisciplinary paper on the topic.

Lastly, the issue of Algorithmic Impact Assessments in the GDPR has been also object of reflections at the CPDP panel organised, on the following day (January the 28th), by Prof. Tal Zarsky (Haifa University, IL), with the participation of Prof. Gianclaudio Malgieri, Prof. Sandra Wachter (Oxford University, UK), Prof. Jane Bambauer (University of Arizona, US) and Courtney Bowman (Palantir, US).

The videos of these panels will be made available soon on the official Youtube page of the CPDP.