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EU PANELFIT Project Conclusions presentation video

“Leader of Analytics” interviews Gianclaudio Malgieri on Data Sustainability and Ethical AI – Podcast by Jonas Christensen

“Data Sustainability in the Age of AI” (Brussels Privacy Hub) with Malgieri, Bortoletti, Wagner, D’Chuna

Malgieri guest at the “Encrypted Economy” podcast: “What Do Algorithms Do With Personal Data? An EU Approach”

Webinar on the AI Act EU policymakers and scholars commenting the last steps

Brussels Privacy Symposium 2021 The Age of AI regulation

Ethics of AI Ethics of AI – Pasquale & Malgieri at UToronto

Malgieri ospite alla PrivacyWeek 2021 Rischi e soluzioni per AI

DigitalEurope High-level panel on the GDPR consistency mechanism

Tech Talks Synthetic Data

CPDP 2021 – Panel 1 AI audits: black box vs. white box perspectives

CPDP 2021 – Panel 2 Augmented Compliance: the case of algorithmic impact assessment

Vulnerable Data Subjects and EU law Panelfit interview to Malgieri

Online PhD Public Defense of Gianclaudio Malgieri, VUB “The (Vulnerable) Data Subjects in the GDPR”

GDPR Consent Fatigue

CPDP 2020 Senior academic session 1

CPDP 2019 Junior academic session 1

The Algorithmic Battle Professor Lilian Edwards and Gianclaudio Malgieri

CPDP 2016 Academic sessions on data processing and privacy