The last week of January is, as every year, an intense week for privacy people (scholars and not only scholars). This year, that week has come and even though we’re in COVID-19 times, all not-to-be-missed conferences will be held anyway, but… online!
On 26 January, Gianclaudio Malgieri will be Speaker at the #PrivacyCamp21 in a panel organised by Noyb about Consent in the GDPR at 11am. In the afternoon he well be moderator at the panel organised by EPIC about Algorithmic Impact Assessment, together with Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna and Heleen Janssen.

On 27 January, Gianclaudio will be moderating a panel at 17:15 about Algorithmic Compliance in the GDPR at the CPDP Conference, a panel hosted by the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute having has guests Margot Kaminski (Colorado Law School), Björn Fasterling (EDHEC Business School), Olivier Guillo (Smart Global) and Henrik Junklewitz (European Commission).

On 28 January, Gianclaudio will be speaker at a panel at 14:15 about Audits on Algorithm organised by Tal Zarsky (Haifa University) and together with Sandra Wachter (Oxford University), Courtney Bowman (Palantir Technologies) and; Jane Bambauer (University of Arizona).