Regulation of AI

The regulation of AI and Automated Decision-Making in the AI Act, in the GDPR and in the EU Member States: from the right to explanation to Algorithmic Impact Assessment and value-sensitive design of AI systems.

Human vulnerability in the digital society

The definition and protection of vulnerable individuals in the Data Protection framework, exploring how data protection law and consumer law can mitigate data subjects’ vulnerabilities.

Data ownership

The nature of personal data. How traditional private law structures (property, quasi-property, inalienability) could (not) be a solution to protect the fundamental right of personal data.

Fundamental Rights on digital platforms: from Social Media to AR

The regulation of digital platforms, especially social media, augmented realities and virtual realities. How the EU Digital Services Act and other laws address the protection of fundamental rights online.

Data subjects’ rights

The right to transparency, data portability, the right to object, the right not to be subject to automated decisions. The fil rouge between different individual rights in the data protection field

Data Protection Impact Assessment

How to implement the Data Protection Impact Assessment under a fundamental rights perspective; the notion of “harm” to fundamental rights and how the DPIA can be a tool for individual rights too.

Intellectual Property and Data Protection

The difficult relationship between trade secret protection and personal data protection; between software and database protection and transparency in the data protection field.

Consumer protection and Digital Manipulation

How consumer protection law in the EU can reduce manipulative practices. How mental privacy and moral integrity could be a limit to the exploitation of cognitive biases in the digital world.

Fairness in EU law

How the notion of fairness (mainly but not only) in the GDPR could be interpreted and contextualized in different contexts. How it is related to other well-rooted concepts (good faith, non-discrimination).


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Vulnerability and Data Protection Law

”Vulnerability and Data Protection Law” (Oxford University Press, 2023) by Gianclaudio Malgieri is now available for purchase on this webpage and on all the e-commerce platforms.